February 18, 2012
Conversations: Your Ass Is As Big As A Billboard

Weinerdog: What’s that you have there? Beetus ice cream?

BIOU: Yes. I have a sore throat.

Weinerdog: I don’t have any ice cream.

BIOU: Of course you don’t. You are a dog. Dogs don’t eat ice cream.

Weinerdog: That’s true. We eat whatever the master deems fit to give us.

BIOU: As it should be.

Weinerdog: What’s that, fatty?

BIOU: Huh?

Weinerdog: Nothing. You’re just very fat. It was distracting me from what you were saying, because the fat folds of your big fat mouth produce such a confusing, flapping noise when you talk.

BIOU: What are you trying to say?

Weinerdog: OINK OINK OINK.

BIOU: I don’t care for your tone.

Weinerdog: What? You don’t care to be toned?

BIOU: I said I don’t like your attitude.

Weinerdog: You suffer from fattitude?

BIOU: I do not appreciate your implication.

Weinerdog: Your ass is as big as a billboard? What’s that you say? SPEAK CLEARLY, IF IT DOESN’T TAX YOU, HUMAN HOG WOMAN.

BIOU: Here, eat my ice cream.

Weinerdog: Thank you, mommy, beautiful perfect mommy!

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