February 17, 2012
Totally True Confessions: Asia Fever

Totally true confessions: I have always thought the lead singer from Asia had a pretty sexy voice.

The only Asia song I know is “Heat of the Moment,” which is Weinerdog13’s theme. It’s the song I sing to her when she gets busted furiously humping her bed, or a pillow, or my boot. Weinerdog13 has peculiar sexual appetites.

Recently, after a few drinks with friends, I decided to sit my ass down on the couch and find out more about the sexy voice behind my favorite progressive rock dog humping anthem. Turns out Asia has had more than one lead singer, but the voice behind Heat of the Moment, the song that soiled a thousand couch cushions, belongs to John Wetton:

Not bad. He only marginally looks like a serial killer. It puts the lotion on its skin, or else the disco hotspots hold no charm for it.

My imagination never applies the proper face to a voice. The child Rev. Back It On Up 13 pictured the voice of Freddie Mercury issued from a plump man with curly blonde hair. I don’t know if I could have been more wrong. The reality was jarring to say the least. I never would have imagined those teeth.

Ever have a crush on a disembodied voice, or even a written voice, only to find out later it wasn’t what you had in mind? Tell me about it.

Comment of the Day: “They are not that handsome, but they sure are naked!” - Loretta

  1. valleygirlonceremoved said: Also Steven Blum, who does anime voices. I’d still hit it though.
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