January 7, 2012
Conversations: Healthy Living

BIOU:  I’ve decided to order our groceries online, because when we go to the supermarket together, we come home with a cart full of junk food like two five year olds with a debit card.

Sifu:  Good idea.  This will help us save money and be healthy!

BIOU:  Yes!  So, what do you want me to order.

Sifu:  Pudding.

BIOU:  Pudding pudding?  Or yogurt pudding?

Sifu:  Both.

BIOU:  Okay what else.

Sifu:  Nutter Butters

BIOU:  Okay, Nutter Butters.  What else.

Sifu:  Potato chips!  Ruffles.

BIOU:  So, pudding, cookies and chips.  What else?  How about some food.

Sifu:  Get bread.

BIOU:  What kind of bread?

Sifu:  YUMMY bread.

Yummy bread.  Even when we don’t go in person to have the goods shoved in our faces, Sifu and I are like a couple of children sometimes.  To balance out the pudding, chips, and Nutter Butters, I also got some salad greens and bok choy and little tomatoes.  Those will look beautiful as they rot in our fridge.

I’m sort of exaggerating.  My last ‘Beetus test results were not where I want them to be.  I don’t eat Nutter Butters and chips at any time, so I’m not going to start now.  I’ve got to take care of myself before the doctor starts pre-emptively removing my toes with bolt cutters when I go for my quarterly bloodletting.

Sifu and I are a great pair, because our good qualities amplify when combined, and our evil becomes a swirling vortex of hell rage when we put our heads togther, as it should be.

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