November 1, 2011
In Praise of Weinerdog13

Weinerdog13 puts up with a lot from me.

She’s there to talk my ear off when I need to take my mind off things.

She’s always available to apply her funk to me when I’m smelling too clean.

She keeps me from getting too engrossed in writing an e-mail which is handy because I like to maintain an air of idiocy and I never want people to think I’m too lucid when I tell them things.

That’s why, this Halloween, Sifu and I did just the right thing for our loyal friend.  We put a lot of thought into how we could best honor the most noble little Frito-feet love rocket to ever eat week old Chinese food out of the trash and burp into our faces while we sleep.  The love between two yetis and a rancid, reeking little loaf of dog meat is the kind of love that calls for:


A pig suit.

Look at that happy face.  In keeping with the pig theme from this week and earlier, the weinerdog now looks as piggy as she acts.

Upon receipt of a cookie, the indignities of the pig suit were soon forgotten.  The costume itself has been stashed away for another time when something utterly stupid is needed to bring levity to the situation.  But it’s already been established that I am an asshole.  Don’t be an asshole.  Don’t do this to your dog.  Unless it really, really deserves it.

Like you know it does.

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